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We Grow Stories Every Day

Everyone can write. You can grow your creations and your skills at the Workshop.



The next Workshop session starts Tuesday, October 6. Details here.

Our writing workshops, groups, and coaching services make up a nurturing community, a place where your best work will surface. Meet here for weekly groups to make stories grow. Writers at every level create here.

Or join a workshop with your book in progress. Monthly writing workshops grow fiction and creative non-fiction including memoir. By writing and submitting, then creating response for the work of others, we grow our stories stronger. You can attend weekly groups in a shared writing space, with prompts and exercises for a inspiration.

In our groups, you learn the craft of writing. Every group member gets coaching one on one in person. I coach via Skype as well. Groups meet at the Workshop's studio. Our writers win contests and publish. Sign up for book coaching and story development. I'll also teach at your worksite with Custom Class instruction services.

Begin with ease. Finish what you begin. Let's create with more fun.

— Ron Seybold, Director  

The Workshop Experience

In one of our evening Creation Groups, you play while you learn what's powerful and effective about your natural writing voice. You can hear what's working right away. Through our Creative Spark exercises

  • We grow new writing just for the creative joy — or to polish and expand later 
  • Writers at our table learn and practice craft, to improve writing skills 
  • People at every level enjoy growing stories together, sharing aloud what we've just written. In a creation group, you hear only the high notes about just-created writing.


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Writing Tip
Blowing Up Your Beginnings

If your book is stalled, you do some time-travel with this trick. Just cut to the good stuff to begin. That backstory might not be important to readers. Just to you.

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In the near future, a pandemic threatens us all with a virus — one that can be transmitted over the Internet. Read the novel about a battle to heal love

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